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Start in the morning at 09:00 pickup from hotel lobby for Koh Samui discovery tour.
The 1st stop will be at LADD KOH VIEWPOINT for a panoramic view of the famous Chaweng Beach which powdery white sandy contrasting to the clear blue seas.
Next stop at a marvelous strange natural formation of GRAND MA & GRAND PA rock have been fashioned by the elements into massive sculptures, creating a lot of humorous interest from tourists.
WAT KUNARAM for pay respect to the mummified body of Loung Por Daeng the sacrosanct for native, he was died more than 20 years ago in a sitting position  of meditation his body shows few signs of any major decay (undecomposed).
The refreshment stop at NA MUANG WATERFALL impressive with the wide drop of 30 meters cascade to a natural pool below.  Local fresh fruits durain, rambutan, mangosteen, etc. are available during its season.
Lunch will be served at the restaurant
A shopping time at NA THON TOWN a capital of Koh Samui,  a place where the pier for em & exbarkation to mainland.  Samui products, beach wears, copy watch, imitation levi’s jean and even jewelry can be find.
BIG BUDDHA, a large statue of Lord Buddha image is dominating on a hill top of a small island which can be walk up to the big gallery for the surroundings bird’s eye view.  Batiks, Sea shells and Coconut shells product are available for shopping as well. End of tour then back to the hotel.
The 2 experience of combination tours from the clear blue sea to the greenery Mountainous,  which can be offer a good chance to snorkeling on pristine tranquilly isles of Koh Tan by a long-tail boat and ride an elephant trekking to the green woods, hiking to the mountain view point and waterfall. You be able to getting know how mahout can communicate with his gentle giant and getting know how the life of elephant.  It’s a very worthwhile which you can get 2 tours in 1 price.

Pick up from hotels & transfers to the elephant camp. Enjoy elephant trekking to the the rain forest and coconut plantation. Then see the elephant show, How they intelligent and listen the trainer command? After that take the 4 x 4 jeep to visit the beautiful Namuang Waterfall cascading down the mountain, relax & enjoy the tropical surroundings before drive up to the mountain to visit Tar Nim Waterfalll and visit the magic garden of stone sculpted statues. Just short drive away, visit the mountain viewpoint is a must.
Lunch and relax at the sea view beach restaurant.
  :: Samui Big Game Fishing  (09.30-17.00)  
Samui archipelago is the primary spawning grounds for the short bodied mackerel (pla thoo) a famous fish which appears in all sorts of Thai dishes, hence the archipelago’s name Ang Thong (Golden Basin),  mean the place which abundance of marine’s life.
The authentic fishing boat, with full of big game fishing rods & lines trawling equipment, fresh baits & lures, will cruising to the prime fishing sights of the season :- Koh Som,  Koh Tan or Koh Pha Ngan.  The trawling will be line off for big game fish barracuda, grouper, mackerel and even shark may attack the line

(if lucky).  At the sight you can do reef fishing by hand line hooks with fresh baits,  if have luck red snapper, jack fish, or grouper at palm-hand size are able to catch for BBQ on  luncheon .  For those who prefer to swimming or snorkeling,  snorkeling equipment are available on board.
Sun canvas on open deck, cool drinks, tropical fruits and lunch also available.
We start to pick up in the morning 09:30 at hotel lobby to the boat and send back hotel with the fishes that you caught about 17:00.
Tour included                R/T transfer, lunch, fishing gears & baits, soft drinks.
Recommend                 Sunglasses, hat/cap, sun block lotion.
  :: Angthong National Marine Park  (08.00-17.30 hrs)  
The 2nd National Park created in Thailand, which comprises some 40 islands covers 250 sq.kms. located  45 kms north-west from Koh Samui, It will take about  2 hours by tour boat and 1 hour by speedboat, visitors will be enchanting wonderland composed of bulbous green isles, clear blue lagoons, mysterious caves and faceted rock formations.     Most islands comprise limestone masses, reaching heights up to 450 meters has blanketed by 4 difference types of forest such as Dry Evergreen Forest, Beach Forest, Limestone Forest and Mangrove Forest, besides the many covers and little beaches there are many strange formations brought about by erosion of the earth and one island had a mysterious sink hole, completely enclosed by walls of sheer rock, on its center.  The island rise up out of the water and are thus surrounded by water which is relatively shallow.  Water around the island by the way of fairly turbid all year round.    
Tour starting by early morning pick up from hotel to boat pier embarkation then set the sail to marine park, will be stop at 2 most popular tourist attractions islands.

KOH WUA TALAP (sleeping cow island) the major island for climb up to top high-view point or Lotus Cave or snorkeling among coral reef along the beach.

KOH MAE (mother island) where the Green Lagoon of a beautiful emerald saltwater lake located. 
Lunch will be served on board for tour boat and on a major island for speedboat.
At about 15.00 all boats will set the sail head back to Samui, then transfer to hotel.  End of tour.

Tour included                       Tour Boat: R/T transfer, lunch, snorkel gears available for hire on board.  
                                            Speed Boat: R/T transfer, lunch, softdrinks and snorkel gears.                  
Recommend                        Casual dress, T-shirt & short pant, sandals or sport shoes.
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