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::Nong Nuch village and Mini Siam  (On the way transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya)
Nong Nuch garden resort. The tropical garden resort with gorgeous landscapes. It is famous among The Thai as the most beautiful decorated plantation in the country. Enjoy the cultural show, which is performed by different Thai ethnic groups from various part of the country. Moreover, a very impressive elephant show is presented to the audience.
Mini Siam, located near Pattaya Klang, is Thailand's first wonder displaying Thai and European heritage on a miniature scale. This is the third miniature town in the world after the Netherlands and Taiwan that brings together models of important objects and historical sites of different culture and civilizations of various periods from the ancient time till the present
::Elephant Village for Elephant show and trekking 
The Elephant Show, which takes place every afternoon  between 14.30 and 16.00. The show begins with a display of essential hygiene, in which the elephant master demonstrate the bathing techniques of their charges in the local pond. It is followed by a demonstration of training methods.

The Elephant trek, guests will be taken through bush and forest on the back of an elephant. They will be accompanied at all time by an elephant master. Next, a visit will be made to the Silk House to see cultivation and processing of raw silk and witness silk weaving on a traditional hand loom. On returning the village, by four wheel drive Land Rover, visitors can enjoy complimentary fruits in season. The second excursion is a Combination Trek, which take place twice daily at 10.30 and 16.00 and last approximately three-and-half hours. It begins with an elephant trek similar to the one details above and is followed by a 30 minute accompanied walk in a forest or jungle area together with a stop at the Silk House.

Next, visitors will move to nearby lake, where the can relax, as they are rafted across. Oxcarts wait at the shore to transfer to group back the village, where they will home cooked buffet lunch or dinner.

The Elephant Village also offers a Four-wheel Drive safari, with a meal at the finish. On this safari, guests will  driven around the unspoiled land on the outskirts of Pattaya for one hour in a four-wheeled drive vehicle
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